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Location: Shortcut to Homepage /Board Games/Goosebumps Family Board Game - Terror in the Graveyard (1995)

Goosebumps Family Board Game - Terror in the Graveyard (1995)

Goosebumps Family Board Game - Terror in the Graveyard (1995)

Product Information

Goosebumps - Terror in the Graveyard by Waddingtons from 1995

The game has to be put together before it can be played and is constructed inside the box the game comes in. Once constructed it presents a graveyard with play spaces, hedges that cannot be crossed, three moving tombs and a headless ghost at the goal that has to be defeated to win. Each player has two characters either one, and only one, of which they can move upon their turn. They move as far as is permitted by the amount shown on their throw. Also each turn one of the tombs is moved according to the tomb dice.

Moving the tombs provides the mechanism for the changing game field as moving the tombs also changes what some of the spaces on the gameboard represent. In this way you may land on a square that is safe but which suddenly leaves you "paralyzed with fear" after the shift of a tomb.

There is complete freedom of movement except as stated above and you cannot cross your own path. One of the special spaces that can be landed on is "goose bump" space. These allow you to pick up a Goosebumps card some of which require you to perform an action straight away. Others allow you to play now or later, and one card can be played anytime.

To attempt to defeat the headless ghost you must first have picked up a ring card. Upon reaching the end you then drop a skull down the chute and if it falls the right way then the headless ghosts springs into the air and you win. If not you can attempt to defeat him next turn.

Other players attempt to foil each other by picking up cards that allow them to turn other players into monsters, move other players onto bad spaces, steal each other's cards, etc. When turned into a monster only landing on a magic potion square can cure you. If you are unfortunate you can also fall into one of the tombs and that character of yours is then stuck there until the end of the game. Characters can only fall into tombs by the movement of the tomb. In other words they cannot be directly moved into a tomb.

The Game is Complete and the Box and Contents are in Excellent Condition.
This is a real Childrens Classic and takes you back to my Childhood when you had to put the Games together before you could play them (Haunted House,Ghost Train etc)
and Children will enjoy that just as much as the Game itself.

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Price: £23.00

Product Code: GOOG2